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Obama, who is he? | President Duterte

Originally posted on Covert Geopolitics:
Another Reuters reporter has asked another stupid question of how would Duterte explain the spate of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines to Obama in Laos tomorrow. Duterte’s lengthy response only made matter worse diplomatically for Obama who just survived a blatant insult hurled at him at the G20 Summit in…



“Where is Gordon Duffy, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Michael Rivero and the hundreds of other websites that pretend to present the truth? Have all these people been warned? (Where are Russia Today and Iran’s Press TV?)”

Brink of Collapse? Leading German economist says emergency Deutsche Bank takeover needed now

Originally posted on Utopia:
August 2016 – GERMANY – For the fourth consecutive Sunday, Germany’s leading financial newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has run an analysis of the perilous and declining state of its largest bank, Deutsche Bank. This Sunday, the FAZ interviewed a very prominent German economist who says, “Nationalize Deutsche Bank on an emergency…

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Turkish Coup – Another failed Regime Change – Bringing Russia and Turkey closer

Originally posted on Eurasia News Online:
? The increasingly warm relationship between Russia and Turkey has become a priority for Ankara following the unsuccessful attempt to forcefully remove President Recep Tayyip Erdogan from power, Istanbul-based freelance reporter Dorian Jones wrote for EurasiaNet. ndeed, both countries are on course to normalize ties that were severely damaged after a Turkish…