Yet Another Smoking Gun Of Data Fraud At NASA

Climate change – it is all very confusing. We should have been drowned of frozen to death twice already…..
Read before you hide!

Real Science

In 1932, scientists were worried the melting polar ice caps drowning the planet, just like today. But by 1969, scientists were worried about a new ice age. This was because the temperature cooled by a large amount between the 1930’s and the 1960’s

ScreenHunter_636 Mar. 15 11.23

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Now let’s correlate that with NASA temperatures. They show that the global warming scare of 1932 was colder than the global cooling scare of 1969, and much colder than the present global warming scare.

Fig.A (15)

Fig.A.gif (656×446)

This makes no sense from a scientific point of view, and is due to data tampering by NASA/NOAA. Before Hansen started tampering with the data, the National Academy of  Sciences correctly showed that 1932 was much warmer than 1969.

ScreenHunter_637 Mar. 15 11.33

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