The “United States of America” is a popish colony

In Dutch: “Het koloniale paepsche paradijs”.

The jesuit-organised so-called American Revolution of 1776 was nothing more than a coup d’état  in collusion with the British Empire to keep control of the colony called ‘Washington D.C.’ and her dependencies.

The Roman Cult has millons of dedicated followers in the US.

After the 80-year Dutch revolt against the roman-catholic Habsburgs and their Inquisition in the 16th and 17th century the roman catholic “church” was an unlawful foreign entity. The pope was seen as a foreign emperor, presiding over the Dutch catholics.Catholics were supposed to obey the worldly pope/emperor of Rome and then – on a safe distance –  their own fatherland. Catholics were seen as a Fifth Column, dangerous and highly undesirable. So they had to either go underground or convert. But never really….

Here is part of the undeniable proof that the USA is completely sold out by the same 5th Column of coadjutors of the Roman Cult.The other part is the circle aroud the so-called US President, just about all roman-catholics and jesuit trained traitors of the American people.

Never mind the fake predictions and “end time prophecies”, rather keep track of the circle:

Obama and The Jesuits?…Your not gonna believe this one


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