Since July 2014 German journalist Mark Bartalmai lives in Donezk, the region in Ukraine where a bloody war for independence is going on.

Ukrainian AgonyFor the Western controlled press it is clear, that Vladimir Putin is solely responsible for this war.

But Mark Bartalmai wanted to be sure and went to the warfront with his camera. His documentary shows the difference between journalism and disinformation, secrecy, half truths and complete lies. These are used by the Western controlled media as a weapon against reality, which needs to be hidden by all means.

Immediately after the premiere of his film Mark Bartalmai was accused of espionage and terrorism. The Ukrainian “government” demands swift extradition, in order to get him into a “court” in Kiev to convict him for a basic right: freedom of expression.

This is a clear indication, that when an independent journalist reports real events on the spot, at the risk of his own life, he is most certainly risking his own freedom. Mark Bartalmai is on the run, as a result of this “court order” of an unlawful junta in Kiev, undemocratically empowered by a coup AND the West. It will be a matter of time before his film will be declared illegal and banned by court order by “democratically elected governments” in the West.

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