The War Against Orthodox Christianity, the Armenian Genocide Continues: The “Real” Cause of the Sudden Syrian Migrant Refugee Crisis into Europe. The Role of Turkey

The 1st Armenian Genocide 1894 – 1896
The 2nd Armenian Genocide 1915 – 1919
The 3rd Armenian Genocide 2015 – ?

Judge after reading this…..

Since this migration crisis began a few weeks ago, one question has been nagging me as to why all of a sudden many Syrians (and others) are headed to Europe. Why now? Did they all just get a mass email telling them to leave? It just seemed so strange. Well, we do have an answer now and it’s something you haven’t heard anywhere in the media.

from The Right Scoop, Global Research: 

Walid Shoebat interviewed a prominent Syrian analyst named Taleb Ibrahim. He’s a Shiite Muslim and an Arab nationalist who loves his Syrian country, it’s diverse people and his president, Bashar Al-Assad. He does not share the global Islamist aspirations of the Muslim Brotherhood Jihadis who are fighting in his country against Assad.


During the interview, Taleb Ibrahim explained how Erdogan is displacing the people in Syria. Erdogan is bringing thousands of Islamist Turks from other Turkish lands into Turkey…

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