Chaos out of Order, the modus operandii of the New Roman Empire.
Because …. how can you create order without creating chaos first?
Bomb your allies, blow up some civillians in New York, Rome on the Potomac is ever so active and they’re good at it!.
Behind the scenes they are trying to also financially implode the New Chinese Empire in the process. And as always: the buck rolls down and ends up at the Vatican.

What a mess; and it’s all deliberately created. Poor Syrian people……

Friends of Syria


Washington made another attempt to escalate the conflict in Syria on Saturday. The consequences may be dramatic: the Syrian-Iraqi crisis is turning into the a new World War with a potential nuclear response from Russia or the US.

The US air force’s attack the pro-government troops of Syria at Deir ez-Zor resulted in 63 soldiers dead, and about 100 wounded. It is important to note that when the US attack’s ISIS, the number of dead and wounded people were only ever in the dozens.

After these attacks, the ISIS troops started an offensive operation that caused a fierce battle in the regions where humanitarian assistance had been brought.

Russia initiated the emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. The representative of the Foreign Affair Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said that “we have come to the terrible conclusion that the White House is defending the Islamic State.” After keeping silent…

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