Very high risk of false flag operation in Kiev!


Prime example of how to shoot in your own foot?
They shoot down civilian airliners, so organising a false flag in Kiev is a piece of cake. Even when Porky Poroshenko is collateral damage – they don’t care at all.
The end justifies the means – a crusade MUST happen at all cost.


The Leader of the DNR, Alexander Zakharchenko, was interviewed yesterday on the most watched talk-show on Russian TV, “Evening with Vladimir Soloviev” and when asked by the host whether the local accomplices who had made such a murder of Arseny Pavlov (Motorola) possible had been identified, he only replied “the investigation is still ongoing”.  This short exchanges illustrates a couple of interesting things:

from The 

First, even though there are some who don’t want questions to be asked, these questions reappear everywhere, even on prime time TV in Russia.

Second, while Zakharchenko did, of course, blame the Ukie secret service SBU, he did not reject the notion that there were local accomplices either.  All he said was “the investigation is continuing”.  I bet you that this issue – local accomplices – will continue to plague the DNR leadership until and unless they come up with some credible explanation for…

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